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        Creativity in Science

        This lesson will take a look at the different roles scientists play in discoveries.

        Lesson Summary


        To download the lesson plan as a pdf, see the document below.

        Lesson Plan: Creativity in Science PDF Document

        Humans are very curious and have been seeking knowledge since ancient times. Scientists are especially curious. They want to know many things. Scientists and engineers, who know a lot about technology, worked together to create satellites so many different things could be studied. Today, satellites are used for navigation, television broadcasts, communication, and for studying space.


        Students will

        • Research various satellites and their uses
        • Explore the different job roles in the development of satellites and web pages used to communicate scientific discoveries from those satellites

        Assessment Strategies

        Discussion of Swift satellite data and involvement of many different roles in the project. See Teachers Notes PDF Document for elaboration.

        Grade Level: 5-8

        Suggested Time

        45 minutes

        Multimedia Resources


        • GPS unit if available (for demonstration only)
        • Computers and internet connections


        See Teachers Notes PDF Document for elaboration.

        Part 1: Discuss with the students how satellites are part of their everyday life. The weather channel is a good example.

        Part 2: Next, show the students Video 6:

        Teamwork in Science QuickTime Video

        [Time – 4:37] and discuss the various job roles contributed to the development and discoveries of Swift satellite.

        Part 3: Allow students complete the Explore Swift Data and Contributors (Student Handout PDF Document) in groups and ask them share their ideas for Part 2


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