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        Twelfth Night Act 3 Sc 3 Lesson Plan

        In this lesson based on Act 3 Sc 3 of Twelfth Night, students discuss Sebastian's presence in Illyria and relationships between characters Antonio, the Duke, and Sebastian. Activities include diagramming a web of characters and their relationships.

        Lesson Summary


        Sebastian and his servant Antonio enter Illyria speaking of their predicament. Antonio refuses to leave Sebastian without company even though Sebastian cannot pay him for his services. Apparently Antonio is not safe in this city because of some fight he had gotten in to with Duke Orsino’s men on an earlier visit. Sebastian desires to look about the town while Antonio is more practical in desiring to find food and lodging.

        Sebastian is not tired nor does he want to take care of this business. They agree that Antonio will make all the arrangements and book them a room at the Elephant, an inn, while Sebastian tours the city’s landmarks and learns more about their surroundings. Antonio gives Sebastian some money in case he finds some trinket he would like to purchase and both go about their business.

        Close Reading Analysis:

        • Discussion Points:

          1. With Sebastian in Illyria, what problems do you foresee occurring with his presence in town? How will this alter the plot?

          2. How does Antonio’s ill-standing with the Duke complicate their situation?

          3. What would motivate Antonio to make sure Sebastian has money for a souvenir? Why?

          4. Are there words that suggest that Antonio has deeper feelings than friendship for Sebastian?

        Reading Assessments:

        • Class Activities:

          1. Character Relationships:

            • Create a Poster individually or in small groups


          • Draw a Diagram on the Board based on class discussion

            1. Create a web of characters.

            2. Draw lines between, describing what the relationship is between each character.

          Ask the students to distinguish if the relationship is genuine or based on deception by assigning a particular color to each.


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