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        Plushie on Ice! - Video | The Ruff Ruffman Show

        Explore sports science as Ruff Ruffman tries to discover the right amount of force needed to push his plushie back to safety in this video from The Ruff Ruffman Show. Grandma’s plushie is stuck in the middle of an icy penguin enclosure at the zoo. Ruff can’t walk onto the ice to get it, but can he use something to send the plushie to the edge? Cue the frozen herring! But can Ruff figure out the right amount of force to put behind his push, or will the plushie’s new home remain at the zoo? Watch to find out!

        This video has been captioned in both English and Spanish. This resource is part of The Ruff Ruffman Show Science Collection.

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        Also Available in English | Spanish

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