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        Stargate Theatre | "Dear Justice System"

        Explore the impact of participation in the justice system on court-involved youth in this video from Stargate Theater: A Defining Act. The documentary follows the story of a group of boys who produce a play based on their experience growing up in neighborhoods with high incarceration rates. Support materials ask students to research the justice system, analyze statistics, and write a creative response similar to the youth in the film by writing a letter to the justice system.

        Stargate Theatre: A Defining Act is a documentary film that shares the story of the Stargate Theatre Company, a groundbreaking program that immerses court-involved youth in the theater arts as a mechanism for coping with and overcoming negative factors in their lives. Founded by the prestigious Manhattan Theatre Club, Stargate provides its members with transitional employment, work-readiness training, and literacy education in a creative theatrical environment. Told through the voices of the Stargate company members, along with the teaching artists and professionals who lead them, Stargate Theatre: A Defining Act follows these young men from auditions to the final performance of their original play, “Deeper than Skin.”


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