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        Industrial Titans and Art Collection in the Gilded Age | Treasures of New York: "The Frick Collection"

        Learn about Henry Clay Frick and his vast art collection in this video from Treasures of New York: “The Frick Collection.” Like many of his contemporaries, Frick rose from humble beginnings and made a fortune during the industrial revolution. He used his wealth to purchase European artwork by the “Old Masters” and built his New York home to display his acquisitions. After his death, his home became a museum, The Frick Collection. Through support materials, including a student handout, discussion questions, classroom activity, and teaching tips, engage students in a study of the motivation behind art collection during the Gilded Age and how the practice still resonates today.

        To learn more about exploring New York's premier cultural institutions, visit the Treasures of New York website and collection page.


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