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        Contains There are scenes of dead horses, and a bear, who have been struck by lightening. There is some evidence of scavengers.

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        Cloud the Horse: Age Four

        In this video from Nature, Cloud is a four-year-old bachelor who lives in a "group" of wild horses in the Arrowhead Mountains of southern Montana. Although he seems to live a carefree life as he rolls in the muddy water and plays with the other horses, he also has to face and survive the dangers with which he is confronted in nature. There may be conflicts with other horses. Lightening can also be a dangerous force of nature that can strike at any time, killing unsuspecting horses. Learn more about Cloud in the three part series of video segments including "Cloud Foal" and "Cloud – Age Two."

        Learn more about the Nature film "Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies"


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