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        Analogies - The Baka of Cameroon, West Africa

        Students complete analogies and connect them to information about the Baka of Cameroon, West Africa.

        Lesson Summary


        Students watch three segments about the Baka and their lives in the rainforest. Then they complete analogies and connect them to information from the videos.

        Why is this an important concept?

        When readers can identify and analyze relationships, similarities and differences between texts and the world, they can make meaningful connections to help them comprehend what they read. 

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        The Lesson

        Part I: Learning Activity

        1. Define and provide examples of analogies. Discuss how noting analogies between texts and the world can help us to better comprehend what we read.

        2. Distribute copies of the Analogies Notes Organizer handout.

        3. Show the first segment, "Who Are the Baka?" As they watch the video, ask students to note where the Baka live, what their lifestyle is like and how their lifestyle has changed. Model note-taking on the blackboard for the class as you view the segment, pausing the video as necessary.

        4. After viewing, discuss notes with class. Explain why you noted the things you did. Then, with the class, create an analogy. Here is an example: The Baka are like the Native Americans because they both were relocated by their governments.

        5. Show the second segment, "Taking a Stand." This time, ask students to note how the Baka sought support from the government. Students will write notes without your modeling. However, you may choose to verbally highlight important things to note during the viewing. For example, you might pause the video and say, "This is interesting to note because . . . ."

        6. After viewing, discuss notes with class. Working with a partner, students write an analogy using their notes from the segment. Provide the format: The Baka are like _______________________.They both ___________________________. Students should also provide a direct reference to their notes from the segments to justify their analogy.

        7. Show the third segment, "The Invasion of the Modern World." Ask students to note how loggers threaten the rainforest and the Baka way of life. Students will write notes independently.

        8. After viewing, discuss notes with class. Students write an analogy with a video reference independently, then share it with a partner. Select several students to share their analogies with the class. Provide feedback.

        For students who need additional teacher guidance:
        • Provide opportunities for students to view the video segments multiple times, pausing at intervals to allow time for note-taking.
        • Provide further assistance with taking notes, modeling the note-taking process for all three segments.
        • Work together with students to create the analogies, showing them how to draw information from their notes.

        Part II: Assessment

        In small groups of two or three people, students complete the Baka Analogies handout. Assess students' analogies and references to videos. Total possible points for the assessment is six.


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