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        Compare and Contrast - City Pigeons and City Parrots

        Students take notes on similarities and differences between city pigeons and city parrots using a T-chart and then construct a Venn diagram to compare and contrast them.

        Lesson Summary


        Students watch two segments about city birds to identify the similarities and differences between them. While viewing the segments, students take notes using a T-chart. Finally, students construct a Venn diagram to show they are able to compare and contrast the characteristics of the two types of birds

        Why is this an important concept?

        When learners can take ideas from two sources and compare/contrast them, learners can better comprehend the complexity of the ideas. Comparing and contrasting allows students to look at the similarities and differences between or among ideas. Noting the similarities and differences in ideas leads to the ability to generalize, categorize, sort, evaluate, and understand new information.

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        The Lesson

        Part I: Learning Activity

        1. Review what it means to compare something and to contrast something. 

        2. Photocopy the City Pigeons and City Parrots T-Chart handout and the City Pigeons and City Parrots Venn Diagram handout. Give students a copy of each. Describe purpose and scope of lesson.

        3. Before viewing segment 1,City Pigeons, provide a media focus by asking students to listen for the characteristics of city pigeons. Allow students to watch and listen the first time through without writing. Then, show the segment a second time. This time, model, on an enlarged graphic organizer, how to note information on the City Pigeons side of the T-chart. Think aloud while listening, viewing, and recording on organizer. After viewing, students copy what you have written.

        4. Before students view segment 2, City Parrots, provide a media focus by asking students to listen for the characteristics of city parrots. Then, show the segment a second time. While watching, students will complete the City Parrots side of the T-chart independently.

        5. Give students two minutes to share what they wrote with a classmate and add to their lists. Share in a whole-class discussion. Complete enlarged T-chart organizer with students responses.

        Part II: Assessment

        Working with a partner or alone, students transfer information from the T-chart to the appropriate section of the Venn diagram. They will indicate by their placement of information how the items compare and contrast with each other.

        Score the Venn diagram based on 10 points. Each item is worth one point if it is placed in the appropriate section and if it is information presented explicitly in the video that was noted on the T-chart. Students should not get credit for inserting their ideas or conclusions.

        For students who need additional teacher guidance:

        1. Review note-taking strategies before watching the segments.

        2. Provide assistance with taking notes while watching the video.

        3. Color-code T-chart and Venn diagram to depict in which part of diagram information belongs.

        4. Provide opportunities for students to view clips additional times.


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