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        Recording Information to Write a Report - Kids Who Volunteer in Their Communities

        Students will watch two video segments about kids who volunteer for different organizations. After watching the segements the students wil fill out one worksheet for each video. The class will then write a report in the form of a news story on kids’ volunteer activities.

        Lesson Summary


        Students watch two videos about young people who volunteer in different charities in their communities. They use information from each source to write a report on the kids' volunteer activities.

        Why is this an important concept?

        Learning involves synthesizing information from various resources. When students combine information from two resources and write a cohesive report about what they have learned, they clarify and confirm newly learned information while strengthening their expository writing skills.

        Grade Level:


        Suggested Time

        (2) 50-minute periods

        Media Resources


        The Lesson

        Part I: Learning Activity

        1. Photocopy the Kids Care Graphic Organizer handout and the Puppy Walker Graphic Organizer handout to each student.

        2. Introduce the videos by asking students if they have ever volunteered in their community and discuss their experiences. Explain to students that they are going to watch two videos about kids who volunteer in their communities.

        3. Tell the class that the first video, "Kids Care," is about kids who volunteer to help mothers and children. Before showing the video, ask students to remember at least three things the Kids Care Club did to help mothers and children. Show the video. Ask students to share some of the things they remember.

        4. Distribute the Kids Care Organizer. Ask students to remember the things children did in the first video and record them on the organizer.

        5. You may choose to show the video again, pausing to give students an opportunity to write down the various actions or steps taken.

        6. Tell students they will watch a second video, "Puppy Walker," about a boy named Brett who helps train puppies to be seeing-eye dogs. Ask students to try to remember at least four things Brett did to help train the puppy.

        7. Ask students to remember the actions Brett took and write them on the Puppy Walker Organizer.

        For Students who need Additional Teacher Guidance:

        1. After showing the first video, ask students to share what they remembered about the Kids Care Club and what actions the kids took to help mothers and children. Demonstrate the thinking process to students: think out loud as you model writing a response on the board. Ask students to transfer the information to Kids Care Club Organizer. Continue until the organizer is complete.

        2. Show the second video. Ask students to share the actions Brett took to train the puppy. Once again, think out loud as you model writing one response. Ask students to complete the Puppy Walker Organizer.

        Part II: Assessment

        1. Ask students to review the actions the Kids Care Club took to help in their community by asking them to refer to their Kids Care Organizer. Then ask students to talkabout the things Brett did to volunteer in his community. Ask students to refer to their Puppy Walker Organizer to review.

        2. Ask students to imagine they are news reporters sharing the great things kids do to help their community. Using their WKID Volunteer News Report handout, ask students to write a report including some of the things both the Kids Care Club and Brett did as volunteers.

        3. You may also encourage students to add information about activities they have done to help in their communities.


        Completed Kids Care Graphic Organizer, Puppy Walker Graphic Organizer and WKID Volunteer News Report handouts can be placed in the students' portfolios.


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