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        Measure and Measure

        Students learn why non-standard measures can be useful even when measurements must be precise. They practice measuring using non-standard measures.

        Lesson Summary


        Students learn why non-standard measures can be useful even when measurements must be quite precise. This Cyberchase activity is motivated by a video segment in which the CyberSquad must lower Digit, the Cyberbird, from the ceiling to remove an audiotape from the voice box of a statue of Hacker.

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        Suggested Time

        1 hour

        Media Resources

        Measuring Length Precisely QuickTime Video


        Assessment: Level A
        Assessment: Level B
        Answer Key

        The Lesson

        Part I: Learning Activity

        1. Tell the students the following: "Hacker has built a gigantic statue of himself that is blasting his messages across Cyberspace. The CyberSquad must remove the taped message from his voice box to stop the noise, but the statue is heavily protected."

        2. Tell the students that they will watch a video segment in which the CyberSquad is at the last stage of its quest in a room full of lasers. Ask the students to watch the video to see how the CyberSquad figures out how to remove the tape.

        3. Ask the students to think about why the CyberSquad decided to measure the rope's length with the Squawk Pads, their personal communicators.

        4. Show the Invalid resource code: vtl07_vid_measurelen .

        5. After students view the video, discuss the reasons the CyberSquad measured with the Squawk Pad.

        6. Discuss in what ways it is better to use rope or paper than the Squawk Pads.

        Part II: Assessment

        Assessment: Level A (proficiency): Students are asked to use a measuring tool, a "one arrow," to measure the length of a line segment.

        Assessment: Level B (above proficiency): Students are asked to measure the lengths of several objects with non-integer, fractional lengths, along a number line.


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