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        Multiplying Fractions of the Form a/b of c

        Students study fractions and practice writing arithmetic sentences using multiplication and specific proportions.

        Lesson Summary


        In this Cyberchase activity, Harry gets a job in a candy store. Customers request boxes containing different types of truffles in differing proportions. This activity extends the problem into the case where there are a variety of numbers of candies in each box and students learn to multiply the fractional part times the number of candies per box to produce the number of candies of each type.

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        Media Resources

        Harry's Job at a Candy Store QuickTime Video


        Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers Handout
        Assessment: Level A
        Assessment: Level B
        Answer Key

        The Lesson

        Part I: Learning Activity

        1. Read the following to your students: "In this activity, you will work with different proportions of items, and their fractional representations. In the Cyberchase video clip, Harry sells boxes of candy containing different proportions of types of truffles. Customers can choose four different types of truffles: hazelnut, raspberry, mocha, or caramel. Each box holds 8 truffles. In the chart on the handout, record the proportion of each type of truffle requested by each of the three customers."

        2. Distribute the Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers Handout .

        3. Ask the students to complete problem 1 on the handout (the data table) while they view the video clip. [Be prepared to play the video clip twice, to ensure that students note all of the data.]

        4. Show the Harry's Job at a Candy Store QuickTime Video .

        5. After the video clip is finished, ask the students to complete the rest of the handout.

        6. Discuss handout answers with the students.

        Part II: Assessment

        Assessment: Level A (proficiency): Students practice solving problems of the form (a/b) x c, in which a/b is a fraction and c is a whole number.

        Assessment: Level B (above proficiency): Students apply their new fractional knowledge to solve story problems.


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