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        The White House: Inside Story | White House Renovations

        By the time Harry Truman and his family moved into the White House in 1945, the house had been home to many first families. Renovations and additions had been built haphazardly, and the upkeep of the house was not always the highest priority. After inspectors came in, Truman was told that the White House was standing up “from force of habit only.” It was under Truman that the most significant renovation of the House took place: the house was gutted and rebuilt with metal supports. When Jackie Kennedy moved in, she was disappointed to find very little interior decoration or historic furnishings. She undertook a vast renovation and brought back many historic items to the home. Today, the White House is not only a home and an office; it is also a museum that is a testament to both the Truman and Kennedy administrations.

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