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        Contains Adult Language, Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco/Firearms, Mature Content, There is discussion of rape as a war crime. There are people who are defending those who are accused of these crimes. There are scenes of someone smoking., There is discussion of rape as a war crime. There are scenes of people defending those accused of rape. There are scenes of people smoking., Violence

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        Judgment And Legacy

        This video from Women War & Peace reveals the verdict of the Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal. In a historical verdict, the three defendants, all commanders in the Bosnian Serb army, were found guilty. While the Tribunal could not prosecute everyone involved, the trial was symbolic and the verdict established sexual enslavement as a crime against humanity, setting a precedent for future wars. The trial also raised awareness of the use of rape as a weapon of terror and demonstrated that there would potentially be consequences for anyone using rape as a weapon during wartime.

        Learn more about the documentary Women, War & Peace: I Came to Testify.


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