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        Contains Adult Language, Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco/Firearms, Mature Content, There is witness testimony about her rape. There is also mention of the rape of a child. There is a defendant's testimony that discusses rape, and tries to put the blame on the victim., Violence

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        The Testimony

        In this video from Women War & Peace, female witnesses bravely share the horrors they experienced during the war. According to the women, they were imprisoned in buildings in their town and raped repeatedly by Serb soldiers, and they share chilling tales of the violence they experienced. One of the defendants also takes the stand and claims the whole situation was a misunderstanding. However, through a series of careful questions, prosecutor Hildegard Uertz-Retzlaff is able to unravel his claims.

        Learn more about the documentary Women, War & Peace: I Came to Testify.


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