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        The Golden Bull of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, 1400

        German School, (14th century). Medium: vellum and gold. Date: 1400. Copy of the Golden Bull of 1356 made for Charles IV's son Wenceslas (1361-1419) in 1400 at the time of his deposition from position as Roman King; he did not accept this and this copy is propaganda; the Bull sets out the constitutional structure and election system for the Holy Roman Empire and the relationship of the emperor with the pope; Seal attached to document is its verso side; inscribed are the words 'Aurea Roma' and surrounding legend reads 'Roma Caput Mundi Regit Orbis Frena Rotundi'; Charles IV (1316-78); Provenance: State Archives, Vienna, Austria. Photographic rights held by The Bridgeman Art Library.

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