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        Napoleon Bonaparte in his Study at the Tuileries, 1812

        David, Jacques Louis (1748-1825); French. Medium: oil on canvas. Date: 1812. Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821); portrait depicting the Emperor in characteristic pose with his hand tucked into his waistcoat and wearing the uniform of a Colonel of the Grenadiers, with on his left breast, the decoration of the red ribbon and star of the Grand Aigle of the Legion of Honour and also the gold and green ribbon of the Imperial Order of the Iron Crown (Ordre de la Couronne de Fer), established June 5, 1805 by Napoleon; the guttering candle indicates the emperor's dedication to lucubrations; L'Empereur dans son cabinet de travail; Provenance: Private Collection / Giraudon. Photographic Rights The Bridgeman Art Library.


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