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        Attic red-figure krater depicting Orestes as suppliant at the shrine of Apollo in Delphi, attributed to the Apulian Eumenides Painter, c.380 BC

        Greek School, (4th century BC). Medium: pottery. Date: 4th Century. Scenes from Eumenides, third tragedy in the 'Oresteia' trilogy by Aeschylus; Eumenides troisieme tragedie tiree de l'Orestie d'Eschyle; detail; Eschyle; Orestie; les Erinyes endormies sont appelees a la vengeance par Clytemnestre; style apulien afigures rouges; Apulie; Apollon; Delphes; purification; Oreste; Provenance: Louvre, Paris, France / Giraudon. Photographic Rights The Bridgeman Art Library.

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