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        Twenty four coins

        Greek. Medium: metal. I 1) Antiochus III the Great (223-187 BC) Seleucid King; I 2) Antiochus I (325-261 BC); I 3) Juba I King of Numidia; I 4) Tigrane II Arsacid King of Armenia (121-54 BC); II 1) Ptolemy Soter (360-283 BC) King of Egypt; II 2) Arsinoe Egyptian Princess; II 3) Ptolemy III Euergeter (280-221 BC); II 4) Jugurtha (160-100 BC) King of Numidia; III 1) Eucratides (c.175-c.155 BC) Bactrian King; III 4) Arsace VI (250-224 BC) or Mithridates I Philhellene; IV 1) Demetrius Poliorcetes (336-282 BC) King of Macedonia; IV 2) Sapor or Shapur I (241-272 AD) or Chahpuhr, Sassanian King; IV 3) Kaniska or Kanishka (78-120 AD) kusana emperor; V 1) Mithridates VI Eupator the Great (132-63 BC) King of Pontus; V 2) Darius III Codoman (399-330 BC) King of Persia; V 3) Rhascouporis II (d.11 BC) King of Thrace; V 4) Prusias I (d.182 BC) King of Bythinia; VI 1) Eumenes II (197-159 BC) King of Pergamon; VI 2) Philetairos (d.262 BC); VI 3) Perseus (212-165 BC) Antigonid King; VI 4) Hieron II (306-215 BC) King of Syracusa; Provenance: Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France / Giraudon. Photographic Rights The Bridgeman Art Library.

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