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        Series 'Les beaux jours de la vie', A happy find, plate 23, illustration from 'Le Charivari', 11th September 1844

        Daumier, Honore (1808-79); French. Medium: lithograph. Date: 1844. Serie 'The best days in life'; Une heureuse trouvaille; Parbleu je suis ravi, vous avez la fievre jaune, c'est la premiere fois de ma vie que j'ai le bonheur d'en soigner une; how marvellous, you have yellow fever, this is the first time in my life that I am being given a chance to treat this disease; Chez Aubert, Imp Aubert; Provenance: Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France / Giraudon. Photographic Rights The Bridgeman Art Library.


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