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        The Congress of Paris, 25 February to 30 March, 1856

        Dubufe, Edouard Louis (1820-83); French. Medium: oil on canvas. Date: 1856. Peace conference to settle the disputes of the Crimean War between Russia and the allied powers of Austria, France, Great Britain, the Ottoman Empire, Prussia and Sardinia; L to R the plenipotentiaries: comte Walewski and baron Bourqueney for France; comte de Buolschavenstein and baron de Huebner for Austria; Lord Cowley and the Earl of Clarendon for Great Britain; baron de Manteuffel and the count of Jatzfeld for Prussia; Count Orloff and baron de Brunnow for Russia; Conte di Cavour and marchese di Villamarine for Sardinia; Grand Vizier Ali Pasha and Muhammed Bey for the Ottoman Empire; Provenance: Ch�teau de Versailles, France / Giraudon. Photographic Rights The Bridgeman Art Library.


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