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        The end of a sensational trial, Marguerite Steinheil listening to the verdict, front cover illustration from 'Le Petit Journal', supplement illustre, 21st November 1909

        French School, (20th century); French. Medium: colour lithograph. Date: 1909. La fin d'un proces sensationnel, ecoutant la lecture du verdict; Marguerite Steinheil (1869-1954) born Japy, suspected of having murdered her husband, the painter Adolphe Steinheil, and her mother-in-law in May 1908, Impasse Ronsin, off rue Vaugirard; mistress of political, artistic and literay elite; mistress of Felix Faure, French president of the Third Republic; Veuve Rouge; Provenance: Private Collection / Giraudon. Photographic Rights The Bridgeman Art Library.


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