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        Rehearsal of the Oratorio of Judith, 1734

        Hogarth, William (1697-1764). English. Medium: engraving. Date: 1734. Music reads 'The World shall bow to the Assyrian throne'; Oratorio of Judith was written by Willem de Fesch (1687-1761)who is also the conductor in this image; The Chorus; The engraving shows a rehearsal for the oratorio Judith, written by William Huggins with music by William Defesch. It was performed in February 1732 at Lincoln?s Inn Fields, after a postponement due to the ?Misconduct and Pretended sickness of Cecilia Young, who had ingaged for the Part of Judith?. The Conductor, whose agitated movements have shaken off his periwig, conducts from a paper inscribed Judith: An Oratorio or Sacred Drama. Provenance: Private Collection.


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