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        His Excellency Hamet Ben Hamet Ben Haddu Otter, published by John Lloyd, 1682

        Luttrell, Edward (c.1650-1724). English. Medium: mezzotint. Date: 1682. Also known as Mohammed bin Hadou or Muhammed ben Haddu al'Attar;"Ambassador Extraordinary from ye Emperor of Fez & Morocco to his Magesty of Great Britain anno 1682"; Ambassador Ben Hadou was sent to the English court of Charles II by Muley Ismail from 1681-82; According to the contemporary English commentator John Evelyn (1620-1706) he proved to be "the fashion of the season" in London; This ambassadorial exchange was part of the ongoing Anglo-Moroccan alliance that was established at the end of the 16th Century on the basis of a mutual enmity to Spain; Print publisher John Lloyd (fl.1682-92); Provenance: Private Collection.


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