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        The Hottentots adore a certain insect, illustration from 'The Present State of the Cape of Good-Hope' by Peter Kolb, published 1731

        English School, (18th century). Medium: engraving. Date: 1731. First pubished in High German in 1716; also titled 'A particular account of the several nations of the Hottentots: their religion, government, laws, customs, ceremonies and opinions; their art of way, professions, language, genius &c.: together with a short account of the Dutch settlement at the Cape': 'Hottentot' is the name, now considered derogatory, that European immigrants gave to the Khoikhoi people of southwestern Africa; Peter Kolb (1675-1726) was a German traveller and naturalist; English translation by Mr Medley; Provenance: Private Collection.


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