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        View of a village north of Agady in the lands of the Bertat people

        Cailliaud, Frederic (1787-1869) (after); French. Medium: lithograph. Date: 19th Century. Frederic Cailliaud (1787-1869) was a French naturalist and mineralogist; While searcing for gold in the mountains along what is now the Sudan-Ethiopian border he also made a survey of the area that was published after he returned to France in 1827; This particular scene shows a village being attacked by Egyptian troops under the command of Ismail, the son of Mohammed Ali of Egypt (1769-1849) who was Cailliaud's patron; The Bertat people are an ethnic group who live along the border of Sudan and Ethiopia; Godefroy Engelmann (1788-1839) Provenance: Private Collection. Photographic Rights The Bridgeman Art Library.


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