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        The Abyssinian Expedition: The Battle at Arogee, before Magdala, on Good Friday, April 10, published in 'The Illustrated London News'. 1868

        English School, (19th century). Medium: engraving. Date: 1868. The Abyssinian Expedition was a punitive expedition by British forces against Emperor Teodros "Theodore" II of Ethiopia (c.1818-1868) who had imprisoned several missionaries and two representatives of the British government; This image depicts the decisive battle that took place outside Magdala, Theodore's fortress to where he had moved his European captives, and what is now modern day Amba Mariam in central Ethiopia; After an easy victory for the British, under the command of General Robert Cornelius Napier (1810-1890), Tewodros committed suicide rather than face capture; Provenance: Private Collection.


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