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        Her Grace The Duchess of Somerset, published by Alex Browne, c.1680s

        Lely, Sir Peter (1618-80) (after). English. Medium: mezzotint. Date: 17th Century. Elizabeth Percy, Duchess of Somerset (1667-1722); Lady Elizabeth was the only surviving daughter of the 11th Earl of Northumberland and deemed Baroness Percy in her own right; She first married Henry Cavendish, Earl of Ogle (c.1659-1680) but he died the following year, secondly Thomas Thynne (1648-1682) but he was murdered 6 months later; Thirdly she married Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset in 1682; Lady Elizabeth was a close personal friend of Queen Anne; The inscription underneath describes the print as being "Sold by Alex Browne at ye blew/ballcony in little Queen street"; Provenance: Private Collection.


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