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        'At last my little flower pot will have some sun...I will learn at last if it is a rose bush or a wallflower!... caricature on the Haussmanization of Paris from 'Le Charivari', 18 December, 1852

        Daumier, Honore (1808-79); French. Medium: lithograph. Date: 1852. 'Voila donc mon pot de fleurs qui va avoir du saurai enfin si c'est un rosier ou une giroflee'; Paris in the 1850's and 1860's was modernised and redeveloped on a massive scale by Baron Haussmann (1809-70) Prefect of the Seine (1853-70); Haussmanization resulted in the demolition of many houses to create the new boulevards; this cartoon shows the destruction of a house but the joy of the neighbours at the release of sunlight for his plants will not last long as their home will be the next to be demolished; Provenance: Private Collection. Photographic Rights The Bridgeman Art Library.


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