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        Title Page for 'The Boke of Phyllyp Sparowe' by John Skelton, published c.1550

        English School, (16th century). Medium: printed paper. Date: 16th Century. "I here after foloweth the boke of Phyllyp Sparowe compyled by mayster Skelton Poete Laureate"; John Skelton (c.1460-1529) was an English poet, also known as John Shelton; Philip Sparrow is a poem that celebrates a mock mass for Jane Scrope's sparrow, killed by a Carrow Abbey cat; Jane Scrope (or Scroop) was a schoolgirl at the Benedictine convent of Carrow, near Norwich; Skelton frequently refers to himself as poet laureate but is not recorded anywhere as having received any emoluments for this role; Provenance: Private Collection.


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