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        The East African Slave Trade: Steam-Piannace of H.M.S. London chasing a slave dhow, after a sketch by Joseph Bell, engraved by W.F.Palmer, published in 'The Illustrated London News', 1881

        Overend, William Heysham (1851-98) (after); British. Medium: engraving. Date: 1881. Under the name the 'preventative squadron' the British Navy patrolled the East African coast in an attempt to prevent the traffic of slaves between East Africa and Asia'; The HMS London was stationed in Zanzibar between 1878 and 1883 as part of this squadron; A dhow is a particular sort of ship that is characteristic of Zanzibar and was frequently used by slave traders; Provenance: Private Collection. Photographic Rights The Bridgeman Art Library.

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