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        Musketeer, 1638

        English School, (17th century). Medium: carved wood. Date: 1638. The elaborately carved staircase at Cromwell House in Highgate, North London was created during a re-modelling of the house in 1638 and featured a different carved figure from Cromwell's brigade on each newel; This figure is carrying a musket, or possibly another sort of light gun such as caliver that does not require a rest; The bandolier is particularly well depicted; Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) gave the house to his daughter, Bridget, and her husband Henry Ireton (1611-1651); There are 9 figures in all but it is thought that another 2 respresenting Cromwell and Ireton themselves may have existed and been destroyed at the Resoration; The figures were stole in the 1980s and have not been seen since; Cromwell House is now the Ghanain High Commission; Provenance: Private Collection.


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