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        Types of 'Dangerous Performances' which the bill of Mr E. Jenkins

        English School, (19th century). Medium: engraving. Date: 1888. Edward Jenkins MP (1838-1910) 'Dangerous Performances Bill' intended to outlaw some of the more dangerous circus acts that were popular at that time. This image illustrates some of the accidents that had recently occurred, such as the; death of 'The Female Blondin' who had died when the tightrope that she was walking had snapped, causing her to fall 30ft to her death; 'Zazel's Mishap' when human cannonball Zazel was badly injured falling through the rotten net that was supposed to catch her after she was fired from a cannon; Also shown is Isaac Van Amburgh the celebrated lion tamer, trapeze artists 'Leona Dare, the Queen of the Antilles' and 'Lulu' and the death of Vincent de Groof who fell from his flying machine while entertaining crowds at Cremorne Gardens. Provenance: Private Collection.


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