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        'A True Draught of Eliz Canning', a satirical print on the story of Elizabeth Canning, 1753

        English School, (18th century). Medium: engraving. Date: 1753. Elizabeth Canning (1734-73) an English maidservant who claimed to have been kidnapped and held against her will by Susannah Wells and Mary Squires. Wells and Squires were at first found guilty, but doubt was cast on Canning's story and she was later found guilty of perjury and transported. Image shows, clockwise from top left, the house Canning claimed she was held in, a depiction of Mary Squires as a witch on a broomstick flying over Enfield Wash, Squires conversing with the Inspector General of Great Britain and a portrait of Elizabeth Canning. Provenance: Private Collection.


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