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        Six Stages of Mending a Face, 1792

        Rowlandson, Thomas (1756-1827). English. Medium: etching. Date: 1792. Published by S. W. Fores 1792. The head and shoulders of Lady Archer at different stages of her toilet. In the first (right), wearing a night-cap, with unsightly pendent breasts, she looks up to the left, tears falling from an empty eye-socket, her gaping mouth showing toothless jaws. In the next she fits in an eye, in the third she places a wig on her head, in the fourth (below on the right) she fits in a set of false teeth; in the next she applies rouge to her cheeks with a hare's foot, holding a mirror. In the last (left) she appears a pretty young woman, holding a mask in her hand. In the last two stages her arms, which were skinny and muscular, have become smooth and rounded and her breasts have been covered with the gauze drapery then fashionable. Provenance: Private Collection.


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