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        The Vineyard of the Lord, 1569

        Cranach, Lucas the Younger (1515-86). Medium: oil on panel. Date: 1569. Der Weinberg des Herrn; Allegory of the Reformation and Protestantism; Epitaph for Paul Eber (d. 1569); the workers on the right hand side are doing a good job digging, hoeing, raking watering; ensuring a good harvest; Reformers from Wittenberg; Martin Luther (1483-1546); Philipp Melanchthon drawing fresh water from the well; Johannes Forster by the well is watering the soil; Johannes Bugenhagen hoeing; further up are Georg Major, Paul Crell, Caspar Cruciger and Justus Jonas and Sebastian Froschel throwing rocks over the fence; at the top, spreading manure is Georg Spalatin; Provenance: Stadtkirche, Wittenberg, Germany. Photographic rights held by The Bridgeman Art Library.

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