Kids voices: [in unison] Go outside and play.

Abby: Today my friends and I are at Ledges State Park. It is a beautiful day for playing outside. We are going to see some nature, hopefully find some creatures, collect some rocks, and see where the adventure takes us. Are you guys ready to have fun?

Kids voices: [in unison] Yeah!

Abby: Let's go! Ciera, what do you love about planet Earth?

Ciera: Well, Ledges State Park right now because it's very fun. We were digging for rocks. And we went climbing.

Abby: Did you find any awesome rocks?

Ciera: Yes, I did.

Abby: We have a pretty awesome collection of amazing rocks here. Dexter, I notice something amazing about your rocks. They're all good skipping rocks. Can you tell me what makes a really good skipping rock?

Dexter: That they're flat and that when you throw them, they kind of go under the water and then come up and then go under and then come up and then go down into the water and then they stay.

Abby: Cayla, did we see any creatures today?

Cayla: Yes. We saw plenty of bugs and we saw some birds.

Abby: All right, CJ, we've had a ton of fun on planet Earth today, but have you ever thought about having fun in the sky?

CJ: Yeah. Let's look at the clouds.