Abby: Today's a beautiful day in Iowa. The sun is out. We have lots of great snow, and these incredible athletes are going to show me how it's done on these incredible hills. Are you ready?

Kids voices: [in unison] Yeah!

Abby: These kids are skiing with some really cool equipment called bi-skis. They're almost like a wheelchair, but they have skis instead of wheels.


Abby: Your ski looks a lot different from the skis I'm using today. Why are our skis so different?

Zach: Because some people go in here, for like people like in wheelchairs, and some people walk, so they go in those.

Abby: Oh. So normally, you're in a wheelchair,

Zach: U huh

Abby: And normally I'm walking.

Zach: Yep

Abby: You get the super-fancy ski today and I have to wear two skis.

Zach: Yeah.

Abby: Now I understand.


Abby: So how is going down on your ski different than hanging out in your wheelchair?

This one can go much faster. [giggles]

Abby: But do you like going fast?

Yeah, yeah!

Abby: So, you're having fun today?


Abby: What do you want kids in Iowa to know about you?

Just anything is possible. I mean, you don't think a person in a wheelchair can ski, but here I am, proving you wrong.

Abby: And going faster than me.

And going faster.

Abby: Hey, Carly, should we go down this great big hill?

Carly: You have to catch me first.

Abby: [laughs] Here we go, Carly. You ready?